Category: poetry

As You Please

Your death trap rovers
Paralyse precocious kids
Their stolid utility fumes
Have bodies piled in grids

Least of all is cause
That acts as if a must
Towards a better purpose
That in our Lord we trust

To wrong all of these rights
What vulture ever bore you?
The end of my life raises yours
Oppressive sect, I implore you

Dwell in breeches til you cease
Nothing comes of mawkish legacy
The refuse of the sewer rat
Breeds true your turgid testimony




He went among the dredges

Amassing as a whim

a pertinent foiled fatality

the publicans called grim.

Erstwhile, a precedence held tight

What others pass as quim

A fervent love for a struggle

buried deep within

I’ve told a thousand tales

not one makes ends to the next

And I’ll hold with ill contempt

The feelings gratis for sale.

It’s been for us to measure

The price and balance of trust

What started as simple creation

Turns innocence to lust.